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We've been distributing the highest grade point of sale systems (POS) & EPOS systems, mobile enterprise and barcode products, receipt and ticketing printers and EPOS hardware distributor since 1971. When you partner with Maxatec, we're with you from the initial consultancy stages, right through to training and servicing throughout the lifetime of the product. We don't fit and forget - and there are no hidden charges.

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Independent Software Vendors

We have a broad range of high performance products and the integration experience to help you deliver superior EPOS solutions to your customers. Partnering with Maxatec will deliver differentiation to your business solutions, and set you apart from your competitors.

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Value Added Resellers

We've been working with VARs for over 40 years across EMEA. We are confident that our knowledge and expertise will help increase your profit margins - we provide technical, sales and marketing training, and our dedicated helpdesk service delivers advice and support to our partners.

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Managed Service Providers

Maxatec provides EPOS hardware solutions which mirror your specific contract terms, picking up the responsibility of support issues. We can remotely manage and monitor hardware components, meaning user issues can be quickly resolved by our teams, making life easier for you.

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System Integrators

As a System Integrator you need to keep ahead with technology and provide your customers with point of sale systems that truly deliver the very best performance and reliability. At Maxatec we understand that your reputation rests on your performance and delivery of expertise.

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We've got your needs covered

  • Visit emergency services

    Emergency Services

    Your organisation has sent a team to a major incident. The situation is critical, mobile technology could make the difference between life and death.

    Back at the office, paperwork and admin take up valuable time that would be better spent where people need it most - helping to save lives. Maxatec's hand picked PDA & rugged handheld solutions improve your workflow, reduce downtime and make incident recording more accurate.

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  • Field Services

    If your operatives visit customers in their homes, businesses, or out in the field, you have a unique opportunity to demonstrate your organisation's commitment to providing an excellent service. We can help you make the most of it.

    Maxatec understands the demands placed on your department- our rugged mobile solutions improve communication with your teams, reduce disputes and allow quick and easy rescheduling.

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  • Gaming

    Your customers love your brand because it’s fast paced and adrenaline fuelled. Outdated gaming point of Sale (POS) systems and processes can slow you down and lose money for your organisation. We'll help you stay exciting.

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  • Healthcare

    When public health is in your hands, there’s no room for mistakes. Emotions and stress levels can undermine safe working and reduce productivity. Maxatec understands the pain points of your industry, and we've designed solutions targeted specifically at addressing patient ID, labelling and tracking issues.

    We'll reduce your workload and cut stress.

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  • Hospitality EPOS Systems

    Time is money, especially in the fast-paced hospitality and leisure industries. Extensive queueing times create a negative experience.

    Every order that is misplaced between server to kitchen could result in a lost customer. Maxatec supplies industry leading hospitality EPOS systems & portable receipt printers that can revolutionise the way your staff work.

    We'll help you save time and money.

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  • Logistics

    When there’s a constant race against time, you need systems that can keep up with the pace. Maxatec has curated specialist products that will improve the way you work: electronic proof of delivery, receipt printing, tracking and product identification are key features of our products.
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  • Parcel Delivery ePOD Systems

    Parcel delivery is the support network behind e-commerce. Fast turnaround times are key - delays and and lost parcels are a deal breaker.

    Our mobile ePOD electronic proof of delivery systems are created with you in mind - rugged handhelds, rugged tablets, label printers and hardware designed specifically to make tracking, tracing and receipt printing easier and more accurate. We'll help you improve reliability and turnaround times.

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  • Pharmacy EPOS

    Trust takes years to build and only a second to destroy.

    The next point of call after the physician; pharmacists are key when it comes to providing healthcare to the very young, the elderly and everyone in between. We have long standing experience improving pharmacy labelling & receipt printing processes.

    Our pharmacy pos solutions can help you save money by reducing the media costs associated with laser combination forms.

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  • Plant Hire

    What if there was a way you could reduce the risk of accidents in your company and cut delivery and collection times in half?

    Maxatec works with plant hire businesses to fit solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your industry. Our rugged handhelds and rugged smartphone solutions give you greater control over job scheduling, signature capture and asset tracking, and make life easier for staff and customers.

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  • Public Services

    Maxatec provides breakthrough solutions to the public sector. We understand the increasing pressures faced by local authorities and public service providers - we can help you meet budgets and strict security requirements.

    Our bespoke rugged handhelds meet the requirements of your industry and can help improve your reputation with residents. Exceed targets and raise the profile of your service area with the help of our expert consultants.

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  • Retail EPOS Systems

    What happens when you install state of the art in-store technology? Stress is reduced on the shop floor; making your customers fall in love with your brand all over again.

    Modern retail EPOS environments are fiercely competitive. Your customer’s experience at the point-of-sale is one of the most important factors in securing customer loyalty. Retailers need speed and reliability from retail EPOS systems to allow staff to get on with providing excellent customer service.

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  • Ticketing Systems for Public Transportation

    Public transport operatives don’t have time to hang about.

    Queues equal chaos and lost income. In an industry where time equals profits, it is vital that clumsy and confusing public transport ticketing solutions & receipt systems do not hold up the transaction process.

    Maxatec's products help you get to your customers on time.

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  • Utilities

    Accuracy is key in the utilities industry and field operations play a crucial role in the success of your organisation. Customer satisfaction is paramount if you are to maintain brand loyalty.

    Visiting your customers at home is a rare opportunity to boost your brand. Your operatives should be able to provide accurate readings and instill confidence.  We can help you improve customer satisfaction with our rugged handheld solutions.

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  • Van Sales Systems

    Whether your business is in the air or on the road, there’s no room for mistakes.

    Maxatec’s industry led range of rugged handhelds and mobile receipt printer solutions have been specially curated by our team of experts to meet your specific needs - we know your business inside out. Contact us to find out how we can increase your sales figures with our mobile sales systems.

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  • Warehousing

    You don’t have time for warehouse technology that doesn’t work as hard as your staff. Maxatec already knows that in the logistics industry, it is essential for operatives to work fast and be efficient - otherwise turnaround times will rise and orders are lost.

    When there’s a constant race against time, you need warehouse PDA systems that can keep up with the pace. Our rugged handheld and industrial label printers help you stay ahead.  Give your staff greater freedom to carry out warehouse labelling and order picking requirements with handheld warehouse scanners.

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  • Waste Management & Recycling

    Waste and recycling is one of the most visible and relied upon services in your local area. When things go wrong, it makes big news, and your organisation’s satisfaction levels take a long time to recover.

    Our industry specific products offer customised waste data management solutions and have been specially designed and selected to make sure your teams benefits from the latest technology which will support their hard work.

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Manufacturing Partners

Manufacturer Partners

We have developed winning partnerships with leading industry brands. As a mobile enterprise solutions distributor, our extensive product knowledge and support service is second to none. Join our network of trusted manufacturers and benefit from over 40 years’ experience.