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We have collected an extensive list of the most commonly used terms and acronyms in the EPOS & Ticketing industry. Each term that we have included also features a detailed definition that explains exactly what the term describes. If you have any additional terms or definitions that you feel should be included, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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2D Barcode Scanner

Definition: A 2D Barcode Scanner utilises a small video camera to capture a 2D Barcode. This type of scanner can read regular 2D Barcodes, as well as QR Codes and other variations.




Definition: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. A type of DSL broadband communications technology that allows for more data to be sent over existing telephone lines when compared to modem lines. ADSL supports data rates from 1.5 to 9 Mbps when receiving data and from 16 to 640 Kpbs when sending data.


Definition: Application Service Provider. A third-party that manages and dsitributes software-based services and solutions from a central data centre.


Definition: Average Transaction Values. Calculated by dividing the value of all transaction by the number of transactions on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Customer Pole Display

Definition: Used to display information to the customer at the customers eyelevel. Will often consist of a small display atop a pole protruding from the EPOS system or till.


Definition: Cardholder Verification Method. A method of identifying that the person using the card in the payment process is genuine. This may be performed by use of a PIN code or signature.

Cash Drawer

Definition: A draw set in a cash register or EPOS system that holds cash generated from sales, credit card receipts and other paperwork and change. Cash drawers must be rugged and resistant to force.


Definition: A clamshell is a design of POS printers that allows for rapid paper loading and replenishment. The top of the printer literally opens like a clamshell to facilitate easier load changes.

Chip and Pin Payment

Definition: A payment method where the payment transaction is carried out using a smartcard with an embedded computer chip in tandem with a personal identification number.



Dot Matrix Receipt

Definition: Printed using a dot matrix printer, these receipts are created using small pins and a ribbon transfer.

Dot Matrix Receipt Printer

Definition: A dot matrix receipt printer uses a series of small pins that rapidly impacts against a ribbon to transfer an image on to a sheet of paper. Dot matrix printers are reliable and often cheaper than thermal printers.


Definition: A device driver is a computer program that tells the operating system and other software how to communicate and interact with a piece of hardware. For example, a driver will tell a desktop computer how it should interact with a wireless printer.

Direct Thermal

Definition: A digital printing process which produces a printed image by using a special 'thermally coated' paper. The image is formed when certain areas of the thermal paper are heated and turn black. It is the only method of non-embossing printing that involves no ink or toner.

Dual Interface

Definition: A dual interface device has the capability for both contact and contactless card payments.


Definition: Electronic Funds Transfer Point Of Sale. Electronic funds transfers based on the use of debit and credit cards. The purchase will be confirmed by either PIN or signature.


Definition: Electronic Point of Sale. An EPOS is a self contained, computerized point of sale that performs all the tasks of a checkout operator using an automated system. It can take a variety of payments and transactions including credit and debit cards, cash payments and gift card payments.

EBT Card

Definition: Electronic Benefit Transfer Card. A system that replaces food and cash coupons received from the welfare system, putting credit on magnetically encoded payment cards instead of physical vouchers.

EDC Terminal

Definition: Electronic Data Capture Terminal. A point of sale device that reads information encoded in the bankcard's magnetic stripe. It can be used to automatically balance, settle and authorise credit card transactions.


Definition: Electronic Data Interchange. This is the process that electronically transfers and exchanges purchasing data between the POS and vender system. EDI is the standard format for exchanging data.


Definition: Ethernet is a local-area network (LAN) that uses a bus or star topology and supports data transfer rates of 10 Mbps. It is a wired method for connecting computers together in a network.


Definition: Epson Standard Code/Point Of Sale. A command structure that standardizes all printer control codes.

Fingerprint Recognition

Definition: An automated method that verifies a match between two human fingerprints. This method can be used for greater security when it comes to mobile devices and payment information.

Fingerprint Sensor

Definition: An electronic device used to capture and verify a digital image of a fingerprint. The image is used to create a biometric template. Fingerprint sensors include optical, ultrasonic and capacitance sensors.


Definition: Flat Display Mounting Interface. A family of standards that is implemented on most modern flat-panel monitors and concerns the attachment of any screen to a mount.




Definition: Graphical User Interface. An interface that allows users to interact with an electronic device via either graphical design and interactive elements as opposed to just text.

Impact Receipt Printer

Definition: Receipts are printed by using a mechanism to physically press an inked ribbon against the receipt paper to deposit the ink.

ICC (Integrated Circuit Card)

Definition: An ICC (Integrated Circuit Card) is a pocket-sized card that is used to store information using embedded integrated circuits. ICC or Smart Cards can be used to provide identification, authentication, data storage and application processing. E.g. credit cards, identification cards etc.

ICC Reader

Definition: Integrated Circuit Card Reader. A device used to access the information stored on ICCs.

Information Kiosks

Definition: An electronic information kiosk houses a computer terminal that will employ custom software and a interactive graphic user interface to interact with the user.



Kiosk Printers

Definition: A kiosk printer is used to provide customers with a self-service for printing, providing convenience and ease of access in allowing customers to print tickets, receipts and coupons. Typically used in self service POS systems for recipt printing and coupons.

LCD Screen

Definition: Liquid Crystal Display. A type of flat panel display that is made up of liquid crystals that modulate light to display images.

LED Display

Definition: Light Emitting Diodes Display. A type of flat panel display which uses an array of light emitting diodes to display images.



Multi-media Capacity

Definition: Refers to the capability to host a variety of different media forms on the page, including text, graphics, video and images.

MSR Reader

Definition: Magnetic Stripe Reader. A magnetic stripe reader is used to read a swipe card or mag stripe and access any data stored within the card.

Omni Directional Laser Scanner

Definition: An Omni Directional Laser Scanner works in the same way as a basic barcode reader. However, the additional of several mirrors tansforms the single laser one into many, allowing for the reading of barcodes from a variety of different angles and directions. Often used in POS installations.



POS Terminal

Definition: A computerized replacement for a cash register or payment point. Features an array of additions such as the ability to track orders and sales, process card payments and connect to other networks.


Definition: Peripheral Component Interconnect. An interconnection system between a microprocessor and attached devices with the expansion slots spaced closely for high speed operation.


Definition: Remote Scanner Management. A service that unifies all of a users remote or mobile scanners under one system.


Definition: A standard for serial communication transmission of data.



Self Service Kiosk

Definition: A self service kiosk is a computerised terminal with features that allow a customer to access information and applications directly through a graphical user interface such as a touchscreen. Can also be integrated into a commercial environment and offer customers a self service point of sale, allowing them to scan and purchase their goods directly through the kiosk.

Support Downloads

Definition: A downloadable piece of data that serves as additional support after a customer purchase. This can include updated drivers, files such as guides and FAQs or additional bolt on applications and programs.

Ticketing System

Definition: Computerized ticketing system programs provides the user with an issue tracking program that keeps a record of all ticket sales and customer data.

Thermal Transfer Printer

Definition: A thermal transfer printer prints receipts and tickets using a digital printing process in which paper is printed by melting a coating of ribbon onto the paper. It contrasts to direct thermal printing where no ribbon is used.

Two-Sided Thermal Printing

Definition: Uses the same technology as a thermal transfer printer (see Thermal Transfer Printer) but uses dual thermal printheads within a single device allowing the user to print on both sides of thermal paper roles.

Touchscreen Technology

Definition: An electronic visual display that is now common technology in the smartphone and tablet industries. Allows the user to control the computer through simple or multi-touch gestures with either a stylus or fingers.


Definition: Uninterruptible Power Supply. Provides an emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically the mains, fails. Offers instantaneous protection from input power interruptions.


Definition: Universal Serial Bus. An industry startard that defines an external bus standard that can support data transfer rates of 12 Mbps. A USB is a standard cable connection interface that allows for stand-alone electronic devices to be connected via cables to a personal computer.


Definition: UK Payments Administration. Previously the Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS) is a trade organisation that brings together all payment systems organisation and gives banks and credit card companies an area for where they can work together on non-competitive issues.




Definition: Virtual Private Network. A VPN uses a public communication infrastructure, such as the internet, to create a private network for an organization. This network can then be accessed remotely by individuals who are members of that organisation.


Definition: Video Electronics Standards Association. A standards body for computer graphics who provide standardized protocols for video adaptors and monitors.

Wireless Communications

Definition: Literally means "having no wires". Wireless communication provides a connection between a sender and reciever without the need for a physical wired connection.

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