When public health is in your hands, there’s no room for mistakes. Emotions and stress levels can undermine safe working and reduce productivity. Maxatec understands the pain points of your industry, and we've designed solutions targeted specifically at addressing patient ID, labelling and tracking issues.

We'll reduce your workload and cut stress.

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In the healthcare industry, peace of mind is key. In order to provide the best care to patients and their families, it pays to ensure that systems and processes aren’t going to let you down. When staff are busy and pressure is running high, mistakes can cost your organisation and harm your reputation.

Our solution

Maxatec's experts have over 40 years' experience researching and supplying equipment to the healthcare sector, so we understand the pressures faced in your industry. Our systems are specially curated to suit each organisation by a team of researchers. Barcode technology in healthcare vastly increases patient safety and productivity. Information becomes more accurate and your organisation's efficiency is improved.


  • Streamlined supply chain process
  • Reduced administration and HR costs
  • Reduced errors due to accuracy of data
  • Elimination of hand written prescriptions, labels and instructions
  • Patient identification improved
  • Improved delivery of care
  • Reduced risk
  • Reputational benefits
  • Peace of mind

The result?

Maxatec’s hand picked products are fine tuned and tested to rigorous standards, leaving staff to get on with what they do best - saving lives.

Case Study

One major pharmacy chain found itself overusing an archaic laser printer for applications it was not designed to perform. With CognitiveTPG printing systems they made prescription management quick and simple.

A major pharmacy chain spent more mone was spent on costly “label/form” combination paper every year than on the laser printer, toner cartridges and maintenance put together. The opportunity was ripe for one VAR who understood the primary needs of the customer and the versatility of the CognitiveTPG printer family.

The pharmacy had several goals for the POS labelling system:

Enable the laser printer duplex printing capability. The expensive label/form combination sheet prohibits duplex printing

• Eliminate printer jams caused by the label portion of the label/form combination sheet

• Help to prevent a costly incorrect prescription from leaving the pharmacy by printing the “script” tag before fulfilling the prescription, impossible with the label/form combination sheet

A VAR proposed a thermal printing solution with the
following characteristics:

• Built-in Ethernet capability

• Exceptional print quality (300 dpi) for small labels

• FLASH memory for graphics storage

• Compatible with PCL (printing language)

Two thermal printers were able to provide a cost-benefit that outweighed the initial outlay. One thermal printer at the prescription receipt area prints identification barcodes and prescription tags, or scripts.

Previously, the script would travel with the prescription as it is fulfilled, dispensed, input into the database, and then filed.

With a CognitiveTPG printer at the receipt area, the pharmacist enters the prescription into the database and immediately prints the script. As the pharmacist files the prescription, a software program has the time to raise warning flags and prevent an incorrect prescription from being distributed to a patient.

Although rare, incorrectly filed prescriptions can be dangerous to patients. A second thermal printer prints the pill bottle labels.

PCL Compatibility

Compatibility with PCL (Printer Control Language) was a must as this printer would be receive the same data previously sent to the laser printer. The solution was a CognitiveTPG barcode printer with built-in Ethernet connection, enabling plug-and-play connectivity with the pharmacy’s 10-Base-T network. Bundled inControl™ network printer management software displays graphical alerts on the Windows® workstation at the receipt area when a printer is out of media.

A handy illustration explains how to install the media and standard procedures use an intuitive and friendly language for common operations.The pharmacist’s VAR programmed a CognitiveTPG printer to accept the PCL information.

The CognitiveTPG Pharmacy Point of Sale Labelling Solution:

1. Reduces costly and potentially dangerous errors by helping stop incorrect prescriptions from leaving the pharmacy

2. Saves money by reducing the media costs associated with laser combination forms

3. Enables the laser printers to print receipt and patient education forms using duplex bond paper, saving the pharmacy time and money

Manufacturing Partners

Manufacturer Partners

We have developed winning partnerships with leading industry brands. As a mobile enterprise solutions distributor, our extensive product knowledge and support service is second to none. Join our network of trusted manufacturers and benefit from over 40 years’ experience.